The vineyard

It is a land at the end of the world, the most southern of France. At the foot of the Omu di Cagna (mountain which culminates at 1215m), the Figari vineyard offers powerful, racy and extremely fine wines. At the edge of the Bonifacio cliffs, the wines are fresh, with remarkable minerality, cut for keeping.

From the plantation to the exploitation of the vineyard, everything is done with strict respect for the soil and the plant. Soil cultivation remains voluntarily traditional: all the work and the harvest are manual, without using any weedkiller, synthetic pesticide or chemical fertilizer.

The winemaker maintains permanent tactile contact with the fruit, which he compares and selects for the highest quality result. The estate has been certified organic since 2002 and biodynamic since 2006. At Clos Canarelli, the human hand respectfully takes over from working the land.

Grape varietals

The Clos Canarelli has an exceptional ampelographic capital. To the traditional sciaccarellu, niellucciu and vermentinu are added the most confidential minustellu, carcagholu neru and genovèse. Reintroducing these endemic grape varieties is a gamble that Yves Canarelli has been able to make. These fourteen grape varieties contribute to the notoriety of the domain.

To this rich ampelography is added a special climate, with strong winds, which shape the vine and allow it to give wines, on the contrary, very fresh and elegant. Thermal amplitudes during the vegetative cycle, which range from 10°C-12°C at night to 38°C-40°C during the day, bring a lot of freshness to wines.

The cellar

Granite and clay-limestone soils constitute the different terroirs of Clos Canarelli.

The gentle and natural methods of vinification methods allow the estate to produce fifteen cuvées.

Some are made from a blend of grape varieties, others come from the same fragment of land. We invite you to discover them.

Our wines

Clos Canarelli rosé
Assemblage of several varieties: sciaccarellu (50%), niellucciu (30%) and grenache (20%). Fine and delicate nose, small red fruits and spices.
Clos Canarelli blanc
100% vermentinu. White flower nose with lemony notes. The mouth is full, with mineral notes. Keeping it in the cellar for a few years suits her perfectly.
Clos Canarelli rouge
Assemblage of niellucciu (80%), sciaccarellu, black carcagholu and syrah. Black fruit nose, smoky and wild notes. Keeps 10 years.
Tarra Di Sognu rouge
Assemblage of black carcass (50%), sciaccarellu (40%) and minustellu (10%). Floral and fine nose. Fruit mouth and finesse. Very high purity with a rare elegance.
Tarra Di Sognu blanc
Assemblage of: vermentinu (80%), black carcass, rimenese, gentle white and genoese. Nose of white flower, anise and bergamot. Mineral and saline mouthfeel, with a lot of purity.
Tarra d'Orasi rouge