Olive grove

One of the oldest custom in Corsica is that, at the birth of the first child, a tree be planted.

It is an olive grove of two thousand trees that Yves Canarelli plants at the birth of his son, in 1997. The olive grove includes three varieties of local olives: ghjermana, sabina and zinzale.

In 2008, when his second child was born, Yves added an old olive grove, three hundred years old, located in the mountains of Alta Rocca.

Olive oil

It is with the same concern for quality, respect for nature and of excellence that olive oil is produced. The olive harvest is done manually, on a rotating olive (of a colour between black and green).

The olives are then pressed within twenty-four hours, cold, in order to get the best results. The olive oil comes from different varieties, it offers notes of artichokes and fresh herbs, with intensity and controlled bitterness. It has been marketed since 2016, under three bottle sizes (20, 50 and 75 cl).

The mill

The mill, active since 2016, uses modern techniques that respect the fruit. The olives are stripped, so that only the fruit remains, which guarantees the preservation of all the aromas. The result is an extra virgin, very fine and delicate oil.